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My Story 

parul raval

I grew up with a mother who was a fantastic cook and a father who was an avid gourmet. Many conversations at the dinner table centered around analyzing the meal before us or suggesting the menu for the meal to come. Oftentimes these discussions led to fascinating stories about the history of a certain ingredient or recipe. It was only much later that I realized how much this passive form of learning shaped my love for cooking and for exploring new cuisines. 


I started experimenting with food when I was in 7th grade, and the kitchen quickly became my therapeutic refuge! Over the years I began collecting recipes not only from my mother but also from my aunts, neighbors, grandmothers, and friends. When I moved to Mumbai for my studies I continued to expand my repertoire of recipes as I learned new techniques from my sister, mother-in-law, and extended family.


Almost two decades ago when my family and I moved to the US, we were labeled vegetarians and often faced limited options at restaurants. So I became inspired to make at home those very dishes that I could not eat out, ranging from Mexican to Mediterranean, Turkish to Thai. Over the last few years, I have also become particularly intrigued with locally grown, seasonal vegetables and herbs. By experimenting with the freshest of ingredients, I have been able to perfect my wholesome vegetarian cooking. 


Now my family and friends have inspired me to take my journey to the next level, and thus was born, Parul’s Wholesome Kitchen. Come with me and, explore the interesting and delicious world of vegetarian food where we will master the use of different grains, pulses, legumes, spices, herbs, and vegetables to create wholesome and hearty dishes.

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